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Look for an online native speaker right away. A waiting time is expected. Don’t worry, you will only get charged once you start chatting.
Make an appointment to chat in the future, same rate and process as a standard chat.
Professional language training for corporation staff, coming soon.
Language training for children and young teenagers, coming soon.
We are an early startup created by a few tech and language passionates. Our goal is to offer a simple and convenient tool to the language learning community. This is the very beginning of our journey, and we are thrilled to have you with us. Please try Pllanet and let us know what you think.
We offer the following features on Pllanet right from your browser

Realtime Chat

Instant matching, voice
& text live chat

Voice Recognition

What your partner says
displays as text right on your screen

Drawing Board

Don’t know the word? Draw it!

Secured Transaction

Accept all major cards
With the highest level of security

Chatting Rate with Native Speakers
0.30 $ CAD / min worldwide
Pay as you go, no subscription fees
Accept major cards and 135+ currencies
Highly secured online transaction
Automatic payment and payout
How does it work?

➀ Match

Under one click, we connect language learners with native speakers based on profile info and preferences. Each native speaker is verified by Pllanet.

➁ Voice and Text Chat

Practice your language skills in text and voice chatting, right from your browser. No camera is involved. Your voice is transcripted into text as well.

➂ Draw something

Don't know the word, draw it. What you draw is displayed on your partner's screen

➃ Automatic Payment

Automatically pay or receive money after each chat. You only need to save your payment details once, and we will take care the rest.

User Testimonials

"Pllanet is a very convenient way to improve your language skills. You can enjoy a very engaging conversation with awesome people."


French studies at the University of Waterloo

"I enjoyed using Pllanet and am amazed by what a small group of people built."


University Student

"They have all the features you need here. It is simple to use and cheaper comparing to standard language tutoring services."

Dr. Tan

University Language Instructor

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